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For Chiyo, To Yachiyo

2022.12.17. 15:00-16:00, 19:00-20:00、18. 17:30-18:30
アートスタジオアイムヒア Art Studio I'm here


Artist: Yoshiya Yoshimitsu

Curation: Sanghae Kwon



 Solo performance by Yoshiya Yoshimitsu, choreographer. Yoshimitsu has been creating works that emphasize and change the texture of objects and sounds by intervening his own body between them and the audience, giving them different stories and meanings. In this performance, his multiple skills as a performer (dancing, singing, acting, playing instruments, juggling, puppetry) will be used to create a multi-layered show. “My grandmother, who passed away two years ago, suffered from dementia in her later years. I came to live with her when she began to lose her memory. Instead of making memories together. We make memories of losing them.” This is a testimony of her life, told as she recalls scenes that were happening around her. A grandmother who travels back in time, a father who is indifferent, a sister whose job is to care for her, a hymn repeated in the corner of the room, and an aunt who abandoned her care who wept on her deathbed. This is a story spun in a way that captures the love that lies within the rancor.




Object Theater (Yoshiya Yoshimitsu + Sanghae Kwon)

Object Theater is a performance unit whose main members are artist Yoshiya Yoshimitsu and curator Sanghae Kwon. The unit explores ways of encountering non-humans and others through performance, objects, stage design, and video, focusing on tactile experiences with objects. Recently, they have been developing a curatorial project focusing on the relationship with family and others, using various techniques such as dance, singing, acting, instrumental performance, juggling, and puppetry.

前売り・当日 2000円(税込)


アートスタジオ アイムヒア 〒232-0067 神奈川県横浜市南区弘明寺町259 GM2ビル 2F

Art Studio I'm here 232-0067 2F, GM2 Building, 259, Gumyoji-cho, Minami-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture


​Presented by Sanghae Kwon
Affiliated with Art Studio I'm here

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